Show Me Some

Want to work my tongue into that amazing sweet pussy.

I dream of laying down my lips on your lovely bottom, feel its silky softness against my mouth as I cover it with many, many gentle kisses.

Mmmm. Can I run my tongue up along your legs till I reach your inner thighs then I spread your cheeks so I can lick your panties covered ass and pussy before pulling your panties over to tongue your waiting holes. You are so sexy. I'm dying to spredict your legs so I can lick your pussy and ass until you squirm. Then my hard cock will feel so good sliding inside you. I'll fuck you as long as you want until we both cum hard. Love to lick you from behind so your juices run down your inner thighs, then slowly slide this throbbing cock bollock deep inside you, doggy style facing a mirror - what a sexy ass you have ! Love this picture I would just bury my face in that sexy ass and lick your sweet ass while my fingers were in your pussy then I'd lick them before repeating. Been waiting awhile for you to show me that ass. I'd like to have some fun working my lips and tongue up your thighs and all over that lovely ass 😘