Show Me Some

Want to work my tongue into that amazing sweet pussy.

Total Respect for this vid after hearing the story that follows ;) You guys totally rock ! And cheeky and lucky pizza dude !

WOW, the poor kind probably had a boner all the way back to the shop! The only thing that would have been better would have been to have and a video camera outside and watch his reaction! Love the way your wife just walked right out the door to pay him! She is such a bad monkey :-)Your comments are awesome. And he did get lucky later that night:) He found my number off the pizza order and txted me "Nice Boobs"! I invited him over to hang out when he got off. Ill post that video soon :)That was awesome. We've done that a few times too. Our pizza guy called back also. Check out our videos he got the best tip of his life! The experience was so hot.:)Walking through the house naked.This should get a lot of votes. Beats the usual sucking and fucking vids.Great job, I'll get the votes keep coming in!Well you made his day/year he will remember and talk about you his whole life laffs very funny girl great sense of humour nice body to by the way cheers.